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Whats wrong with the favoured Flames?
Left Pic: The Flames can't seem to find there way.

Many of so called hockey 'experts' have predicted that these Flames are favoured to win it all this time around, but I ask you this...why? Does the scoring depth of Jeff Friesen and Tony Amonte intimidate NHL hockey clubs? Or does the forechecking of Marcus Nilson and Byron Richie make you feel like you wish you stayed home? Last time I checked, the answer to that was no. Sure they probably have the best goaltender in the game today in Kipper and that's always a good thing to have a good goalie to rely on, it hides the fact however, that Calgary's offense is bad.

Does it suprise me that Calgary are off to a bad start? No. Why? This is the new NHL as I explained earlier. You need four rolling lines, it's as simple as that. This Flames team cannot beat teams that have that going on. They still don't have that number one bonified first line center, Daymond Langkow is nice but not on your first line.

Watch for a couple of vets to fall off the horse completely like Amonte and Friesen and see them getting replaced by younger hungrier guys like Eric Nystrom or maybe even Carson Germyn.

However on a final note, maybe the most important note. The next coach to be fired will be: Jim Playfair. Once you've been coached by Darryl Sutter everything else seems like a downgrade unless, if Patty Quinn chews his way onto Cow Town.

The Philadelphia Flyers Suck
Left Pic: Scoring goals and celebrating is a thing of the past for these Flyers.

Yes, but we already knew that but why do we need to continue to discuss the desuckination process that is taking place in the city of brotherly love? It's been a long time coming but we can finally say, the Flyers are due for some rebuilding year(s). Yes, they do have some world class players in Peter Forsberg, Simon Gagne and Joni Pitkanen, plus some young studs in Jeff Carter and Mike Richards but the fact of the matter is that there is too much of a drop between these five players and the rest of the team, and that's a problem. But not for me to solve, oh no, it's some guy named Paul Holmgren's duty now. The Flyers are your typical backwards team in the new NHL, myNHL. In today's NHL you need four rolling lines, a defense core that can skate and a goaltender that can steal games. Seem's like a tough recipe to follow, but then again Buffalo, Anaheim, Carolina and Edmonton are cooking that right now.

Word on the street is that Holmgren wants to swing a blockbuster deal involving Robert Esche and two other player's. Well, if getting some waiver wire players back in a deal that involves Esche is considered a blockbluster, then so be it, because that's all he's worth. I don't know if there is a worse goaltender in the league right now (maybe Mike Morrison, but we'll leave that for a different day). If Holmgren could get a 5th rounder back for Esche, that would be a steal for the orange, black and white.

We can talk on and on about how bad the Flyers stink, but I just want to focus one more time on the game last night, especially surrounding Sidney Crosby. This guy was enemy #1 in Philadelphia last night, and what does he do, he collects his first career hattrick and makes Derian Hatcher look worse then Scott Ferguson on a breakaway. Retire Derian, just go away, please. And take your friend Mike Rathje with you.